4Tech Communications


Complete sound-oriented communication solutions are structured with documented, certified audio cabling. These infrastructures create the platform for all quality paging systems or conferencing environs. Today's technological breakthroughs in multi- view, multi-screen plasma and LCD monitors (and precise, audio conferencing units) are steadily making errors in communication a thing of the past.

Additionally, any video conferencing environ can be completely protected and maximized with the implementing of media room shades and blinds, which can be fully automated with the use of a remote control unit.

4Tech also provides many solutions in surround sound and home theater that can provide for a full entertainment experience without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

MEDIA solutions include:

• Certified Audio Cabling
• Paging Systems
• Voice / Video Conferencing
• Surround Sound
• Multi-Media Rooms
• Waiting Rooms & Hospitality Design
• Medical Procedure Stations
• Home Theater & Audio
• Plasma / LCD / Projection
• Shades / Blinds (w/ remote control)
• Tech Support and Help Desk Services
• Maintenance Agreements